After Surgery

What should you expect after VAD surgery? Watch the video below to understand what to expect after surgery with a HeartMate 3™ LVAD.

After the operation, you will recover in the ICU. You will have a breathing tube that’s connected to a ventilator (breathing machine) and you will be connected to many lines, tubes, and medical equipment.

This medical equipment is necessary to monitor you and give you the medicines needed for recovery. All the equipment and lines can be startling to see, but they are completely normal. Day by day, your care team will work toward removing lines and tubes. It is also important to get you moving soon after surgery. Getting out of bed as soon as possible will help your body heal.

As with any surgery, you will probably feel some pain afterwards. Learn more about what to expect in the interactive below:


The Cardiac Step-Down Unit 
The Cardiac Step-Down Unit, or cardiac floor, is where you may be transferred after the ICU. This floor is for patients who are not as critically ill but still need to be in the hospital. On the cardiac floor, you will focus on getting stronger. During this time, education will become even more important so that you can be discharged from the hospital. However, in some cases, this is not possible. Your care team will discuss this with you.