Preparing for Surgery

What should you expect before VAD surgery? Watch the video below to understand what to expect on your HVAD System  surgery day.

HVAD™ System Patient Journey
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VAD Surgery: What to Expect
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Throughout your journey, your care team will support you, guide you, and answer any questions or concerns you have. Everyone’s journey will look a little different. Use the HVAD™ System Patient Journey map to get a feel for what lies ahead. This map will also help you understand when you should be reading and learning about different phases of the journey.

There are some important things to consider before starting on your journey. Use these resources to learn more about what lies ahead.

Your Surgery Day

How is the HVAD implanted in the chest? 
The surgery can take an entire day. The surgeon performs a sternotomy, which involves opening your chest and implanting the HVAD™ System device into your heart. This will leave a scar on your chest. During the surgery, you will be on a heart and lung bypass machine, which helps circulate your blood during the operation.

Explore this interactive to learn more about the surgery.