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Extra Credit

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ACTION One Page Summary (OPS)

ACTION Device OPS – Berlin Heart EXCOR®

One page device summary information for providers

ACTION Device OPS – Berlin Heart EXCOR® Active

One page device summary information for providers

Berlin Heart Emergency Care Guide

Visit Berlin Heart Emergency Care to download a pocket-size reference guide

Harmonized Protocols

Berlin Heart Blood Pump Assessment & Exchange Guideline

ACTION Harmonized Protocol

Care of Cannula Sites for Berlin Heart Pediatric VADs

ACTION Harmonized Protocol

IRL VADS: Berlin Heart EXCOR®

Below are videos from ACTION’s IRL (In Real Life) VADs webinar session held on August 1, 2022.  

IRLBH_1_Daily VAD Life
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Part 1: Daily VAD Life, How to Conduct Daily Rounds, and Alarms

Boston Children’s
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Part 2: Bival Interpretation and How to Correctly Draw Labs

Cincinnati Children’s
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Part 3: Intro To IPASS & Real-Talk For When Things Get Difficult Caring For VAD Patients

LPCH Stanford & Nationwide Children’s
IRLBH_4_Membrane Rupture
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Part 4: Membrane Rupture, Pump Change, and Emergency Situations

St. Louis Children’s
IRLBH_5_Pump Settings
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Part 5: Pump Settings, Poor Filling, Poor Ejection, and What To Do About It

Lurie Children’s
IRLBH_6_Cannula Care
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Part 6: Cannula Care: Dressing Changes and Site Infection

Texas Children’s


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Berlin Heart 20th Anniversary

November 2020 Webinar Video

What should patients know about the Berlin Heart EXCOR®?

Check out our Berlin Heart EXCOR® information for Patient & Caregivers.