Notice to Providers

Medtronic has stopped the distribution and sale of the HVAD™ System as of June 3, 2021.  (See full press release)  Our ACTION education material is still relevant for those supported by the HVAD™ System. 

HVAD™ System

Patient/Family Resources


A Day in the Life of Tessa, 7-year-old HVADTM System Patient

Tessa has heart failure from cardiomyopathy, so she received a HVADTM System to help her heart pump blood to her body.

Keeping You Safe with an HVAD™ System

Patient/Caregiver Video

What to Expect on Your Surgery Day with a HVAD™ System

Patient/Caregiver Video

What to Expect After Surgery with a HVAD™ System 

Patient/Caregiver Video

Education Materials

HVADTM System Patient Journey Map

Continuous Flow VADs — HVADTM System

VAD Surgery: What to Expect

HVADTM System Patient Education Handbook

ABC's Videos

What should patients know about the HVAD™ System?

Check out our HVADTM System information for Patient & Caregivers.