Heart Failure

Extra Credit

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Heart Success Webinars

Below are videos from ACTION’s Heart Failure Success Month September 2022 webinar sessions.

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Week 1 — 09.08.2022
SGLT2 Use in Young Adults and Children—Where are we at?

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Week 2 — 09.13.2022
Heart Failure Success Registry Re-Launch

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Week 3 — 09.20.2022
How are we currently using ICDs and CRT in pediatric heart failure?

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Week 4 — 09.29.2022 CardioMEMSTM in Pediatrics and Congenital Heart Disease


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Orthotopic Heart Transplant from Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Performed by Dr. David Lehenbauer at Cincinnati Children’s.

What should patients know about a Heart Failure diagnosis?

Check out our Diagnosis information for Patient & Caregivers.