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Exercise Stress Test

Exercise Stress Test To see how much physical activity you can do and to check for arrhythmias during exercise, your doctor may ask you to walk up and down the hall, or exercise on a treadmill or bike. 

Cardiac Imaging

Cardiac Imaging X-rayCardiac CatheterizationCardiac Catherization Previous Next Chest X-rayChest X-rays can show your doctor if you have any fluid in your lungs that can be caused by heart failure. X-rays can also show changes to the size and shape of your heart.  Cardiac CatheterizationYour doctor may ask that you undergo a catheterization (or “cath”). A …

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Labs There are several blood tests doctors use to diagnose heart failure. Most patients have labs drawn at scheduled times. You may have labs drawn more often if your team feels that you need closer surveillance.  BNP (Brain Natriuretic Peptide)BNP is a hormone that is released from your heart and blood vessels when they are …

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Office Visits

Office Visits VitalsYour vital signs are VITAL. Your heart rate and heart rhythm can tell you a lot about how your heart is working. A persistently fast heart rate can be a sign that the heart is getting sicker. In heart failure, your blood pressure needs to be just right. High blood pressure can be …

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