Being on the heart transplant waitlist is a time to be hopeful about the next phase in your journey. There is also a lot to know. Let’s take a few minutes to watch the video below and learn more about the transplant waiting list process.

Waiting for My New Heart

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Families and patients sometimes have to wait years for a heart transplant. ACTION is working to help patients become stronger and healthier while they wait for a life-saving transplant. This work has especially touched the hearts of the McQueen Family and they now help lead our efforts! Watch the video below to learn more.

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Additional Resources

For more information about pediatric heart transplantation, see the following resources. 

Pediatric Heart Transplant Society

For information about transplants, including a patient and family guidebook please visit their website here.

10 Things for VAD Patients To Know About Pediatric Heart Transplants

Check out our quick facts guide which includes information about:

  • How long could we wait for a transplant?
  • Is a pediatric heart transplant a cure?
  • What will life be like in the short AND long term after transplant?
  • How long could a transplanted heart last?